Wheel Wash Systems are a must for Construction and Mining Industry. They help in reducing pollution and mostly is one of the requirements for complying with Pollution Norms.

KKE Truck Wheel Wash Systems are built in two configurations for Singapore :

  1. Permanent Wheel Wash Systems
  2. Portable Wheel Wash Systems


Permanent Wheel Wash Systems

Permanent Tire Wash Systems are built for permanent Installations where the equipment shall not be required to be moved or repositioned in less than 2 years. Also, the equipment needs to have drain channels made in concrete which lead to the water reclaim tanks.


Portable Truck Wheel Washing Machines

Systems that need to be relocated frequently are built differently as compared to a Permanent Wheel Washing machine. The equipment has water channels that help in collecting the water and requires very few civil requirements. In fact the concrete/gravel filling is only needed to ensure that the equipment does not sink due to continuous operation.

Portable systems are used generally on Construction Sites or in the Mines where the mine exit keeps on changing due to constant increase in the excavated area.


Benefits of KKE Wheel Wash Systems are :

  • Heavy Duty Structure
  • Hot Dip Galvanised Structure for Corrosion Resistance
  • Quick Installation
  • Easy to Operate
  • Rugged Control System
  • Can work on Diesel Generator


More Details on Wheel Wash Systems