KKE Corp Companies are mainly into High Technology products, where either the process or product revolves around Automation while being Environmentally conscious.

While achieving the above, all KKE Companies strive to be the best in the Market gaining the maximum market share in their operating regions and product segments.

KKE Corp has diversified into the following fields :

Vehicle Wash Systems

KKE Wash Systems has been one of the oldest ventures of KKE Corp starting right back in the year 1993. Latest Automatic Car Wash Machines, Bus Wash Machines, Truck Wash Machines, Wheel Wash Systems, Pollution Control Systems etc.

Software Technology

Leveraging IT and Software Technology to your benefit. ERP Systems, Mobile Apps, Recruitment Solutions, Web Based Solutions and Tools. KKE Soteco revolves around quick development leading to cost-effective deployment of Management Software.


Cleaning Chemicals for House Keeping and Vehicles while keeping the Brand promise of being Environmentally safe. Bio-Degradable chemicals that return to their elemental state in less than 30 days and not harming the soil or aquatic life.

Engineering Services

Manufacturing Process Designing services for Plastic, Steel and Chemical Industries . Integration of modern Monitoring systems for increased organisational efficiency.

Automation & Controls

A division involved in Designing and Manufacturing Automation Systems for Process and Product Industries in . PLC, SCADA, IoT, Distribution Panels, etc. Leverage the latest Technology to improve your production efficiency.