Zingalify.com is a project by KKE Soteco for managing recruitment and increasing the efficiency of the recruitment process.

The core of the Zingalify project is the testing module which helps you test your candidates before you interview them. Since the process is automated, the candidates are really tested for their mettle rather than the biases of the interviewers.

Further to this, Zingalify helps you manage the candidates for which it has a full-fledged Job Posting module that allows you to have a custom URL for your company. Candidates can apply from the website and the companies can start screening them as per the parameters desired by them.

Key benefits - Zingalify for Companies:

  • End to End Recruitment management
  • Testing Software
  • Jost Post Management
  • Interview Scheduling
  • Internal Training Effectiveness Monitoring


Zingalify is an excellent platform for Individuals and Job seekers to test their knowledge and keep themselves up to date with the latest trends and technologies. Zingalify has a large number of tests for users to check their knowledge.


The best way to know more about Zingalify is to Create a Free Account and see for yourself.