Trolley and Drive Through Truck Wash Systems India by KKE Wash Systems in the following washing technologies :

  • Touchless Truck Wash Equipment
  • Brush Truck Wash Machines

Both washing technologies are good however, they need to be selected based on the type of vehicles that would be washed. These most Truck Wash Systems use a combination of both the touchless and Brush technologies, giving the versatility and advantages of both technologies.


Touchless Systems

Touchless Truck Wash Systems are more suited for Truck with curved surfaces or irregular surfaces where therbushes would create a shadowing effect. The wash chemicals play a vital role in Touchless Systems.

  • KKE 503 - Trolley System
  • KKE 501 Drive Through Configuration


Brush Systems

Brush Systems have 2 Side Brushes and a Roof Brush in Trolley Systems. Additional optional Skirt Brushes can be also added based on the requirements. Drive-through systems have the freedom of adding more side brushes based on the available length and the number of trucks to be washed each day.

  • KKE 403 - Trolley System
  • KKE 504 - Trolley System
  • KKE 501 - Drive Through Truck Wash with Brush Arches


Combination Systems

  • KKE 504 - Trolley System with High Pressure Add on
  • KKE 501 - Drive Through System with both Brush and High-Pressure Configuration


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