Power Control Center Panel

A modular structured electrical control panels, PCC panels are employed to control and distribute power supply across industrial and commercial units. The PCC control panel play a vital role in the electrical control systems.
Generally, Power Control Centers are installed near power sources.

Designed to provide protection against several factors such as short circuit, overload, earth fault, and under-voltage, PCC panels assist in protecting the source and equipment.

The power supplied to equipment, motors, heavy machinery, and transformers is controlled as per the requirement. The main function of the PCC panel is to regulate and protect the power distribution for large industrial units.

PCC Panels are manufactured as per customers specifications to guarantee desired breaking capacities and temperature. 
Excellent quality grade switchgear and busbar are used for reliable and dynamic performance. Protective Relays, Indication lamps, monitoring & control devices are provided as per the requirement.

PCC Panels are manufactured as per the international standards along with compliance with the local standards and regulations. Essential safety features along with required accessories are provided for the operator's safety and safe operation. 

The PCC control panel contains several applications to distribute the power across different parts of the Plant / Building / Industry / Township. The main PCC panel controls the complete power supply from one single place.

The PCC control panels are engineered with premium quality material and components.

The panels are having Robust Structure which can withstand different climatic conditions.



Voltage: 440/415 V AC
Phase: 3 Phase
Frequency: 50 Hz
Country of Origin: Made in INDIA
IoT Enabled Panel